Sweater Time

Okay folks, so this all starts with the fact that I wasn’t the smartest when I was packing all of my stuff. I had to be all packed up by last Friday because I was shooting a wedding on Saturday so everything had to be boxed up. EVERYTHING. The only things I kept out was 5 sweaters and a dress for my week. So basically I thought everything would be just dandy! GUYS IT WAS SO HOT LAST WEEK! It was rough. But there are worst things that could happen.

I still thought that I could share some of the sweaters since the weather is supposed to be getting cooler. And because I really just love sweaters more than most things on this planet. Nothing feels better than getting cozy in a sweater when it is chilly outside. If you don’t agree then you are wrong. I seriously always am on the lookout for new sweaters and cardigans. I am already working on a cardigan post, because I have a lot of them!

Honestly I wore all of my sweaters the exact same because I only had jeans and sweaters. So I think I will just post the pictures below. And you can decide which was the best sweater outfit.



Enjoy pretties.



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Fall Y’all

Hiiiii! I can’t really say I am back to normal posting, because I don’t think that exists for me anymore. I mean, we all know how much I love Fall and I haven’t even posted! All I know is I miss posting so I am going to try. Sorry not sorry. I just wanted to stop by and say I miss you all. Even though it is totally on me for not posting. I have just been working on some big projects. Like launching my freelance photography company, and packing up to move, and taking mid terms, and just being tired. But hopefully with the move I can get back to posting, and maybe even start to show you some of my photography work.

If you didn’t know I am a huge fan of prints that make people ask me if I am wearing a rug or drapes. Fave! People, I have had so many comments about this print. And I super love it. The bell sleeves just make this shirt the greatest. I like the boho 70’s vibes that just feels good. I just like the flowy-ness. It is fun!

I am already working on a post about all the many hats that I wear so this one is from Gigi Pip. AND GUYS! I AM SO OBSESSED! Newsboy caps or fisherman caps, whatever you want to call them. I just think they are perfection for my head! The fact that it is blush and corduroy makes my life. But like I said, I am doing a whole different post about hats. I just really love this one. But, I really just love hats.

And can we just talk about how perfect these jeans are?! I love them! And they are from Target so yay! The hem alone is so choppy and cute I want to do this to all my pants. I won’t because I am not a professional and shouldn’t take scissors to any of my clothes. The side panel of darker denim are the reason I actually purchased these. It is just the added bonus that they are probably the worlds comfiest jeans. Boom!

Lets just all agree that we have seen these shoes everywhere and I will say that they are probably the comfiest things ever. Get them now!

And that is what I have today!

I will have fun apartment updates soon!

I love you unless you suck!


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Disney Surprise

Okay guys! I did a pretty sneaky thing. And when I say I..what I really mean is my sister and I did a really sneaky thing. In June. We did the sneaky thing in June. So I completely thought I had posted this and I guess I hadn’t, so I kinda dropped the ball. My bad! Let’s just get to it!

This all starts with the fact that I was raised on Disney, because my mother was raised on Disney. It is such a family thing my dad was forced to learn to love it. (not that he didn’t want to love it!) My Grandparents decided to hold the family reunion in Disneyland this year. At first my family wasn’t going to go since we had just been the previous October and we all had expenses that made it hard to afford. BUT! My dad decided that he and my mom were going to go. Which made me all sorts of sad. It’s fine really.

Well one day I was sitting at work and I messaged my sister and maybe bullied her into buying plane tickets to surprise everyone. So for 4 weeks we had to act sad and lie to our ENTIRE family! Which is not an easy task my friends. I almost let it slip way too many times to count. Jessica also had the same issue. It was a party for sure!

Well the day came for my parents to leave and that is when we had to kick into fast gear! Because we couldn’t pack until they were gone we had a lot to do in the 4 hours we were home after they left. We had one of our freaking awesome friends drive us to Cincinnati and we stayed the night in the SKETCHIEST hotel that had the most uncomfortable beds. But that doesn’t matter. We survived.

The flight to California was probably the most stressful thing I had ever experienced. We were both so afraid that our parents knew. Or that we were going to blow the secret if we couldn’t find them. Such a party. Fun fact: My phone wouldn’t reset the time so I was freaking out but Jessica was calm because she knew what the actual time was. Man, when I tell you that things weren’t going smooth that is the truth. People who were supposed to know where our parents were didn’t have a clue. We couldn’t get to our shirts for a hot second.

But it all worked out. We first got to surprise my aunt before my parents. It was delightful to hear someone yell “ALEX! JESSICA! ALEX!” Man, so good! We found out our parents were going on Splash Mountain so we went to wait for them to get off. I’ll post the picture below, it is humorous. My mom saw us and started crying and our dad was just shocked. But have you ever had your mom cry and not know if she was happy or sad? Me too dude. Me too. Cause I had no idea if she was mad or happy. Spoiler: she was happy. It was wonderful. They had no idea. We are super sneaky.


It was such an amazing and exhausting trip. I think we nailed the Disney surprise.

I hope you are having the best day/night ever!

And just remember how amazing you are.


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Bad at Blogging

I swear to you I don’t mean to go weeks in between blogging. I am just a bad blogger whose life is always taken over by being at Nossi ALL. THE. TIME! And you may think I am kidding. But I’m not. I am always at this school. (I am writing this while on break from this dumb Math class)  Which is great and all, and still it makes blogging a bit hard. So I guess I’m just here to give you an update of some things I have coming on the bloggity blog! Everyone needs to write things down so they do them sometimes, this is my version of that.

I want to give you all good content while also not stressing myself out too much. So if you have been wanting me to try anything, let me know! I am moving soon so you will be seeing some decorating posts and my best moving tips. Those will go up as soon as we actually move. But for now I can’t control that we haven’t gotten accepted for the apartment. So that is my first little bit that I am hoping to post about.

I am also working on a series of all the basic things you need in your closet/life. I was originally going to have this be one post but with school and life I just know I will be more likely to finish if I just take a picture a day and then compose it after. So the first one is going to be 10 clothing items you need in your closet. Then I am sure I will add some more with shoes/accessories. Guys, I’m pretty excited about all of it!

And one of the most exciting things I am going to be working on is more recipes and cooking. I love to cook and living alone is going to make me have to do more. It will be great!

AND here is this killer outfit that I wore the other day. That I just liked. You’ve seen all these pieces a lot in the last couple of months so I just thought I’d share how I put them together differently. Plus, I mean it is hat season. So YAY!

I just love all of you. (unless you’re the worst)

Have the best day ever! I believe in you.


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Hey love faces. We made it to September somehow! I don’t know how but we did it! And by we I am mostly talking about me. But go you too! I am going to be 100% honest with you I am not a huge fan of summer. I feel like fall is where I kill it! And I stepped outside of work today and it was chilly and I was STOKED! But I promised I was going to show some back to school/fall outfits so here we have it folks!

If you haven’t noticed I am obsessed with button up skirts lately. I think they transition from all season so well, especially into fall. When it gets colder you can just throw on some black tights and this outfit is all around perfect. I know I will for sure be wearing this kind of an outfit all the days! Especially because I have different colors so I will look put together.

I have been working on something killer for my blog and this jean jacket is part of it! I love jean jackets so freaking much. There was a bit of a throwback vibe that I am loving. But it also feels very 2017. Ya dig? I love them. I just like them.

Also I don’t suggest watching Bachelor in Paradise when you are feeling super alone. It just makes you more sad. Or maybe that is just me, because I’m supa’ alone guys!

And that is my story today!





Shirt: Madewell //Skirt:Madewell//Jacket: Hope Ave

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