23 things to do before 24

Well..here it is my 23rd birthday! WOOHOOOO! I am a huge fan of my birthday so I thought I would share something I do every single year. Most people try and make new year resolutions in January, I tend to make them on August 25th. It feels like the best time to decide new things I want to do/learn. So here is my list of 23 things I am wanting to accomplish before 24!

  1. Move to Nashville
  2. Learn how to get a bit better at the whole budget thing
  3. See someone in concert in Nash
  4. Go and see my Utah Peeps
  5. Go and see my New York Peeps
  6. Take a trip to somewhere I have never been
  7. Actually finish a blanket
  8. Cook a lot more
  9. Learn how to bake the best pie ever
  10. Pass Math
  11. Actually Make my Photography Site/ Facebook page
  12. Go on a date
  13. Learn how to whistle
  14. Read 1 more book a month
  15. See some good Theatre
  16. Learn 5 new songs on my Uke
  17. Drink more water
  18. Buy the new lens I want
  19. Figure out this whole exercise thing
  20. Do more Meditating
  21. Post consistently
  22. Accomplish 10 things off my photography list
  23. Take more naps

And there you have it! I hope you have the best day ever! Because it is MY BIRTHDAY!


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