Fall Y’all

Hiiiii! I can’t really say I am back to normal posting, because I don’t think that exists for me anymore. I mean, we all know how much I love Fall and I haven’t even posted! All I know is I miss posting so I am going to try. Sorry not sorry. I just wanted to stop by and say I miss you all. Even though it is totally on me for not posting. I have just been working on some big projects. Like launching my freelance photography company, and packing up to move, and taking mid terms, and just being tired. But hopefully with the move I can get back to posting, and maybe even start to show you some of my photography work.

If you didn’t know I am a huge fan of prints that make people ask me if I am wearing a rug or drapes. Fave! People, I have had so many comments about this print. And I super love it. The bell sleeves just make this shirt the greatest. I like the boho 70’s vibes that just feels good. I just like the flowy-ness. It is fun!

I am already working on a post about all the many hats that I wear so this one is from Gigi Pip. AND GUYS! I AM SO OBSESSED! Newsboy caps or fisherman caps, whatever you want to call them. I just think they are perfection for my head! The fact that it is blush and corduroy makes my life. But like I said, I am doing a whole different post about hats. I just really love this one. But, I really just love hats.

And can we just talk about how perfect these jeans are?! I love them! And they are from Target so yay! The hem alone is so choppy and cute I want to do this to all my pants. I won’t because I am not a professional and shouldn’t take scissors to any of my clothes. The side panel of darker denim are the reason I actually purchased these. It is just the added bonus that they are probably the worlds comfiest jeans. Boom!

Lets just all agree that we have seen these shoes everywhere and I will say that they are probably the comfiest things ever. Get them now!

And that is what I have today!

I will have fun apartment updates soon!

I love you unless you suck!


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