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Hi. Uhm, I am back for real this time. I have really been struggling with what to do with this specific part of my life for a while. And what I mean by that is how I am going to start to blog/ write about what I want to without feeling a weird pressure to return to what I was doing. I love blogging. But I have been terrified to start again. And I love sharing certain parts of my life with all of you. But I don’t love feeling like I can’t write about what I want. Now, I know most of that is because I feel the pressure to be like everyone else. But here is a news flash for everyone (ESPECIALLY ME): You weren’t born to blend in. It is okay to stand out and get real. Be weird. And be unique. Be you.

So here is to 2018. I am going to blog about my life. Which means I am starting a series about dating. And lets get real, that is going to be both hilarious and a bit sad haha. You should probably be excited about that one. I mean who else replies to a guy who just complimented her with mumbles of not actual words? Me. I do. I am also going to write about living with anxiety. And I want to post more about school and photography because that is a huge, HUGE part of me. But, I also really love sharing fashion tips and outfits with you, so that is going to still happen.

I just want you (whoever you are) to know that it is 100% okay to get honest with yourself and check yourself before you wreck yo’self. Haha. But really, be authentic and be you, because no one else can be that. And that is your power. So be brave.

(Also for sure make sure you have a mini photoshoot in a waffle house with a juice box after your first day of school,!)

Like I said as I left Waffle House earlier…Juice Box OUT!


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