23 things to do before 24

Well..here it is my 23rd birthday! WOOHOOOO! I am a huge fan of my birthday so I thought I would share something I do every single year. Most people try and make new year resolutions in January, I tend to make them on August 25th. It feels like the best time to decide new things I want to do/learn. So here is my list of 23 things I am wanting to accomplish before 24!

  1. Move to Nashville
  2. Learn how to get a bit better at the whole budget thing
  3. See someone in concert in Nash
  4. Go and see my Utah Peeps
  5. Go and see my New York Peeps
  6. Take a trip to somewhere I have never been
  7. Actually finish a blanket
  8. Cook a lot more
  9. Learn how to bake the best pie ever
  10. Pass Math
  11. Actually Make my Photography Site/ Facebook page
  12. Go on a date
  13. Learn how to whistle
  14. Read 1 more book a month
  15. See some good Theatre
  16. Learn 5 new songs on my Uke
  17. Drink more water
  18. Buy the new lens I want
  19. Figure out this whole exercise thing
  20. Do more Meditating
  21. Post consistently
  22. Accomplish 10 things off my photography list
  23. Take more naps

And there you have it! I hope you have the best day ever! Because it is MY BIRTHDAY!


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Ruffles on Ruffles

I am just going to start by saying happy back to school week! (For most of you. I get another week and a half!) How about we all try and make this the best semester/ year of school ever?! Okay? Kay. I know you guys know how much I love rompers/overalls, so this outfit just made so much sense when I saw it online at Paige Avenue Shop. You really should go check them out! I want almost everything from them. Especially this shirt, and these pants! ( I mean like..it is my birthday week if you don’t know what to get me..there you go??)  But I mean who would have thought you would see me with all of these ruffles?

And can we all be proud we are already at 2 posts this week?! Woot! Go me! Let me just tell you this shirt is so soft and it is so flipping cute! I want to wear it with everything. Which is super uncommon for me since I really only wear black 99% of the time. But who is keeping track right? This skirt is seriously so comfortable and looks so great with probably anything. I am excited to see how it looks come long sleeve weather time. But like..I’m really ready for fall. I know that is basic and I DON’T EVEN SORT OF CARE!! You are allowed to like what you like. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad for being you. You rock!

Anyways. Back to the outfit. Lately I have been super digging any kind of hat I can get. And this one was a fast pick up from Target and I am kinda obsessed. I put it on my head for every outfit hoping that it will work. But it normally doesn’t. It is just an added bonus it is only12$! Target for the win! I added my cute little backpack-purse thing and I called it a day! I got this when I went to Disneyland to hold my camera. It doesn’t make a good camera bag but it is actually the perfect kind of purse for me since I hate purses!







Have a great week at school!

And learn something new!

Make a new friend.

But only if you want too!

I know you can do this!






Shirt: Paige Avenue Shop//Skirt: Paige Avenue Shop//Hat: Target (Seriously it is only 12$ YOU NEED THIS!//Bag: Roolee//Necklace: A Way with Words Boutique

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Semester 2

I did it! 2 semesters down, several more to go! This is the greatest feeling ever! I thought that my first semester was challenging, I didn’t know what was coming my way. Second semester kicked my butt! BAD! (But also in a good way, I mean I did it!) I don’t think I have ever been so tired in my entire life! And I also didn’t know I could feel so helpless when learning something (Photoshop anyone?!) But, I was never great at school but I at least had somewhat of a concept. The good thing is that it is over! & that I feel like I can do something in Photoshop. You can see exhibit A below. I was pretty proud of my final project.

Last semester I wrote 10 things I learned. You can read that here. I thought I would keep the tradition going. So here you go!

10 things I have learned in my second semester of Art School:

  1. Always backup all of your photos. At least once a week. Try for more. Because there is nothing worse then losing all of your pictures the week before your final portfolio is due.
  2. When a teacher says that something will click just believe them. It happens.
  3. Sleep is for the weak. I’m only slightly kidding here.
  4. My family wins at being the best family ever! I pulled my Achilles tendon earlier this summer and consequently I was in a boot for almost the entire semester. Fun fact: You can’t really drive with a boot. So my family took turns driving me. They are the real MVP’s!
  5. Trust your gut. Take the picture. Don’t second guess yourself. When you do your photos show it.
  6. Having a tripod fall on your good foot hurts. #ThanksTom
  7. Video is not an easy thing to do. Staying still alone took me almost an entire semester! Let alone taking the time to fight with premiere to edit. Man I have mad respect for videographers.
  8. It isn’t always about the grade. It’s about making sure you’re learning something. I had a rough go with getting some answers about a grade this semester for a class that I don’t really know if I learned much about what I was supposed to.
  9. Being organized is so ridiculously important. It just gets better with each semester.
  10. Eventually I will get out of this a full blown real photographer. Which if you ask me is pretty dang neat!


11.I have finally named my photography business! Go check out @acalephotography on Instagram and Facebook!(Shameless plug) But I mean like you don’t have to!

And that’s all folks! I love you lots! Be Safe during the eclipse. Stay tuned y’all!


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School? No Problama!

Hey yo! Can we talk about how it is finals week already? I have almost finished second semester, which is beyond crazy. But because I don’t have that much of a break before Fall semester starts I figured I could show you some cute back to school outfits! I love going back to school in the fall. There is part of me that is sad I started school in January. Because it didn’t really feel like going back to school. But at the same time I am going to graduate sooner this way! Lets get back to the school outfits though. I’m going to try and post at least 5 outfits. Let’s just all agree that I will try and do my best..okay? Okay!

This whole overall/ Jumper trend may be one of my favorite things EVER! I feel like you can do so many cute things that tradition through all the seasons. And I think I will show you an outfit with some actual overalls. But this coral jumper is seriously so comfortable and so flippin’ cute! I can’t even stand it! It is so comfy and so soft I just wanna wear it all the days of the year! It for sure is becoming a staple. Which is you know..super good! Clad and Cloth killed it with this specific piece. It is going to be perfect as the seasons transition because I will be able to throw on some tights and a cardigan and call it good!



Now if you know me at all, you know that I am maybe a bit disorganized. Even though I try so hard not to be. It is a constant struggle. I do really well with the lists and that end. My big struggle is keeping all of my stuff together! So this cute little handbag is so perfect I could scream! It holds all the stuff I need when I don’t wanna have my purse. AND it has a cute pun on it. No Problama with that.

Here is to a good a FANTASTIC new semester!

I hope you have the best of weeks.

Smile at a stranger.

Hug your mom.






Jumper: Clad & Cloth// Hat:Forever 21 forever ago. Amazon (Similar)// Watch& Bracelets: Arvo & A Way with Words & Alex&Ani//

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Love Yourself

‘If you like the way you look that much then maybe you should go and love yourself’- J Biebs

So have you ever gotten an idea and then just pushed it away and it keeps on creeping back into your mind? Well here we are. Several months later, I’m serious. SEVERAL MONTHS. And I’m not going to be one to sit here and preach about how much I love myself. Or how I never struggle with any kind of self doubt or hatred. But at the same time knowing your worth is pretty powerful. And I am going to say that you are rockin’ just the way you are!

I believe that there is power in owning just how utterly amazing you are. Even if you just are admitting one simple thing that you like about yourself. For example: I really like that I give people the benefit of the doubt. It makes me, well me. But on the flip side there are still things I am learning to love. Like the fact thatI have the worlds craziest hair. It is super freaking curly and frizzy. (Especially with all of this dang humidity. Thanks Kentucky!) Lot’s of people see it and immediately state how jealous they are or how they wish they had hair like mine. But I  struggle with it. Slowly I am learning to like it. And that is the way to go. Small baby steps.



But loving yourself takes time. So I guess what I am saying here is that it is okay to not be there 100%. As long as you are trying you are the best! In todays world I think we all get so stuck on seeing everyone else on social media living their best life and get jealous that we aren’t living that kind of life. That so and so seems to just have the best self confidence. You don’t know that.

I would tell us all to stop comparing ourselves but that is so much easier said than done. So start with something simple. Post a Selfie of yourself that you like. Share a talent you might be hiding. Give yourself a spa night to just relax. Read a book. Go for a walk. Call your mom. Eat your favorite food. Have a 1 minute dance party for one. And remember that you are just human and you can work on where you want to end up. But most importantly, remember to love yourself. All of yourself. Even the messy bit. It makes things so much better when you are trying.

And that is all folks!





Shirt: Madewell//Skirt: Hope Ave//Watch: Arvo

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