Ruffles on Ruffles

I am just going to start by saying happy back to school week! (For most of you. I get another week and a half!) How about we all try and make this the best semester/ year of school ever?! Okay? Kay. I know you guys know how much I love rompers/overalls, so this outfit just made so much sense when I saw it online at Paige Avenue Shop. You really should go check them out! I want almost everything from them. Especially this shirt, and these pants! ( I mean is my birthday week if you don’t know what to get me..there you go??)  But I mean who would have thought you would see me with all of these ruffles?

And can we all be proud we are already at 2 posts this week?! Woot! Go me! Let me just tell you this shirt is so soft and it is so flipping cute! I want to wear it with everything. Which is super uncommon for me since I really only wear black 99% of the time. But who is keeping track right? This skirt is seriously so comfortable and looks so great with probably anything. I am excited to see how it looks come long sleeve weather time. But like..I’m really ready for fall. I know that is basic and I DON’T EVEN SORT OF CARE!! You are allowed to like what you like. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad for being you. You rock!

Anyways. Back to the outfit. Lately I have been super digging any kind of hat I can get. And this one was a fast pick up from Target and I am kinda obsessed. I put it on my head for every outfit hoping that it will work. But it normally doesn’t. It is just an added bonus it is only12$! Target for the win! I added my cute little backpack-purse thing and I called it a day! I got this when I went to Disneyland to hold my camera. It doesn’t make a good camera bag but it is actually the perfect kind of purse for me since I hate purses!







Have a great week at school!

And learn something new!

Make a new friend.

But only if you want too!

I know you can do this!






Shirt: Paige Avenue Shop//Skirt: Paige Avenue Shop//Hat: Target (Seriously it is only 12$ YOU NEED THIS!//Bag: Roolee//Necklace: A Way with Words Boutique

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