School? No Problama!

Hey yo! Can we talk about how it is finals week already? I have almost finished second semester, which is beyond crazy. But because I don’t have that much of a break before Fall semester starts I figured I could show you some cute back to school outfits! I love going back to school in the fall. There is part of me that is sad I started school in January. Because it didn’t really feel like going back to school. But at the same time I am going to graduate sooner this way! Lets get back to the school outfits though. I’m going to try and post at least 5 outfits. Let’s just all agree that I will try and do my best..okay? Okay!

This whole overall/ Jumper trend may be one of my favorite things EVER! I feel like you can do so many cute things that tradition through all the seasons. And I think I will show you an outfit with some actual overalls. But this coral jumper is seriously so comfortable and so flippin’ cute! I can’t even stand it! It is so comfy and so soft I just wanna wear it all the days of the year! It for sure is becoming a staple. Which is you know..super good! Clad and Cloth killed it with this specific piece. It is going to be perfect as the seasons transition because I will be able to throw on some tights and a cardigan and call it good!



Now if you know me at all, you know that I am maybe a bit disorganized. Even though I try so hard not to be. It is a constant struggle. I do really well with the lists and that end. My big struggle is keeping all of my stuff together! So this cute little handbag is so perfect I could scream! It holds all the stuff I need when I don’t wanna have my purse. AND it has a cute pun on it. No Problama with that.

Here is to a good a FANTASTIC new semester!

I hope you have the best of weeks.

Smile at a stranger.

Hug your mom.






Jumper: Clad & Cloth// Hat:Forever 21 forever ago. Amazon (Similar)// Watch& Bracelets: Arvo & A Way with Words & Alex&Ani//

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