Semester 1

Well I did it! I somehow made it through my very first semester of Art school without dying! (Man I sound dramatic) For those of you who are new to my blog you might not know that I go to school in a completely different state. So I drive from Kentucky to Tennessee at least 3 times a week at night. Which also means I am constantly tired! Haha no really. I live in a state of tired.

BUT I DID IT! 1 down 11 more to go. Or I think it is 11. I could be wrong. But either way it is exciting to know that I don’t suck at school as much as I always thought I did. One of my reasons for even starting a blog in the first place was to use it as a bit of a journal for my life. (without oversharing that is)

Fun fact about Art School is sometimes you get to be the model so you have photos to blog, which is a double bonus. Check out David Clancy Photography. He is amazing.

So here is my list of things that I learned from my first semester of Art school:

  1. Always have extra camera batteries/ phone batteries. This speaks for itself
  2. My MacBook is possessed. Honestly it might get its own little post because Apple seriously has been the WORST company to try and work with ever. I one point they lost my laptop. Only to not fix it. To have it still not work how it should. Even though it is brand new. (I am talking to you Gamble/Juan/Kim/all the other agents I have talked too)
  3. Loud music is a necessity for the drives home. So it water. Always have water.
  4. Always write down your life in a planner/calendar. Organization is the KEY to figuring out this hectic life.
  5. It is okay to not know everything. It however is not okay to not questions because you are scared that you don’t know the answer when it seems everyone else does.
  6. Gas money is always going to kill my bank account. It will be worth it someday.
  7. Sometime in the future I will stop saying you are a photography major and just come out and call myself a photographer.
  8. I will figure out this whole eating thing sometime in the future. Not having dinner on school nights is the worst.
  9. I got to second shoot at The Grand Ole Opry. Whenever I am feeling discouraged. I need to remember  just how freaking cool that night was. Learning everything takes time. But it is moments like that, that make it worth it.
  10. Nossi College of Art is exactly where I was meant to go. My entire life I never knew school could be like this. So thanks Nossi for being one of my favorite places on this whole wide world.

And thats what I’ve got for now folks! I have two weeks off before I start in on school again. So I will be prepping the blog better than I did before semester 1. Promise.

I love you all!


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