Semester 2

I did it! 2 semesters down, several more to go! This is the greatest feeling ever! I thought that my first semester was challenging, I didn’t know what was coming my way. Second semester kicked my butt! BAD! (But also in a good way, I mean I did it!) I don’t think I have ever been so tired in my entire life! And I also didn’t know I could feel so helpless when learning something (Photoshop anyone?!) But, I was never great at school but I at least had somewhat of a concept. The good thing is that it is over! & that I feel like I can do something in Photoshop. You can see exhibit A below. I was pretty proud of my final project.

Last semester I wrote 10 things I learned. You can read that here. I thought I would keep the tradition going. So here you go!

10 things I have learned in my second semester of Art School:

  1. Always backup all of your photos. At least once a week. Try for more. Because there is nothing worse then losing all of your pictures the week before your final portfolio is due.
  2. When a teacher says that something will click just believe them. It happens.
  3. Sleep is for the weak. I’m only slightly kidding here.
  4. My family wins at being the best family ever! I pulled my Achilles tendon earlier this summer and consequently I was in a boot for almost the entire semester. Fun fact: You can’t really drive with a boot. So my family took turns driving me. They are the real MVP’s!
  5. Trust your gut. Take the picture. Don’t second guess yourself. When you do your photos show it.
  6. Having a tripod fall on your good foot hurts. #ThanksTom
  7. Video is not an easy thing to do. Staying still alone took me almost an entire semester! Let alone taking the time to fight with premiere to edit. Man I have mad respect for videographers.
  8. It isn’t always about the grade. It’s about making sure you’re learning something. I had a rough go with getting some answers about a grade this semester for a class that I don’t really know if I learned much about what I was supposed to.
  9. Being organized is so ridiculously important. It just gets better with each semester.
  10. Eventually I will get out of this a full blown real photographer. Which if you ask me is pretty dang neat!


11.I have finally named my photography business! Go check out @acalephotography on Instagram and Facebook!(Shameless plug) But I mean like you don’t have to!

And that’s all folks! I love you lots! Be Safe during the eclipse. Stay tuned y’all!


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