Semester 3

How did I just finish a whole freaking year of art school?! I am officially done with my third semester and I am so flipping excited about it. This semester had its own special challenges (read: MATH) But I was able to make it through! This is one of my favorite things that I do on this blog. (That I know I completely forgot about. But I have goals to fix that in the new year!) Looking back on semester one and two has been so crazy. I remember starting feeling like I wouldn’t make it through the week let alone an entire year! So here are the ten things I learned this semester.


  1. Don’t move in the middle of a semester around midterms.
  2. Living only 8 minutes away from school is seriously the best thing ever!
  3. I still hate math. BUT I never have to take it again..and that feels pretty dang great.
  4. It is okay to go and just do some shooting for yourself. I think this will always be a struggle while I am in school. But it feels good to go shoot something you want to do that isn’t necessarily an assignment.
  5. I have the greatest friends. Seriously, whenever I needed models for my classes I was always able to get people who actually showed up which really helps when you think about it!
  6. Photoshop isn’t as hard when you have a teacher who will teach you several ways to do something and lets you pick the way that is easiest of you. Go Grant.
  7. It is okay if not everyone likes how much you charge to take photos. This is a career. It isn’t a hobby. I don’t just ‘take pictures’ I am a photographer.
  8. Because of all the work I have put into my craft I get to go to Ecuador in the spring for a travel photography class.
  9. Photojournalism is not for me and that is okay. I don’t feel comfortable just taking pictures of people without them knowing. Although I still think I could make a killer Private Detective like Veronica Mars.
  10. There is nothing wrong with figuring out your priorities. This blog suffered a lot this semester. But my sanity needed to step back. And I learned that..that is okay!

And that is what I have today!

Love you so much!

I am working on posts as you read this!


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