Hey love faces. We made it to September somehow! I don’t know how but we did it! And by we I am mostly talking about me. But go you too! I am going to be 100% honest with you I am not a huge fan of summer. I feel like fall is where I kill it! And I stepped outside of work today and it was chilly and I was STOKED! But I promised I was going to show some back to school/fall outfits so here we have it folks!

If you haven’t noticed I am obsessed with button up skirts lately. I think they transition from all season so well, especially into fall. When it gets colder you can just throw on some black tights and this outfit is all around perfect. I know I will for sure be wearing this kind of an outfit all the days! Especially because I have different colors so I will look put together.

I have been working on something killer for my blog and this jean jacket is part of it! I love jean jackets so freaking much. There was a bit of a throwback vibe that I am loving. But it also feels very 2017. Ya dig? I love them. I just like them.

Also I don’t suggest watching Bachelor in Paradise when you are feeling super alone. It just makes you more sad. Or maybe that is just me, because I’m supa’ alone guys!

And that is my story today!





Shirt: Madewell //Skirt:Madewell//Jacket: Hope Ave

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