Sweater Time

Okay folks, so this all starts with the fact that I wasn’t the smartest when I was packing all of my stuff. I had to be all packed up by last Friday because I was shooting a wedding on Saturday so everything had to be boxed up. EVERYTHING. The only things I kept out was 5 sweaters and a dress for my week. So basically I thought everything would be just dandy! GUYS IT WAS SO HOT LAST WEEK! It was rough. But there are worst things that could happen.

I still thought that I could share some of the sweaters since the weather is supposed to be getting cooler. And because I really just love sweaters more than most things on this planet. Nothing feels better than getting cozy in a sweater when it is chilly outside. If you don’t agree then you are wrong. I seriously always am on the lookout for new sweaters and cardigans. I am already working on a cardigan post, because I have a lot of them!

Honestly I wore all of my sweaters the exact same because I only had jeans and sweaters. So I think I will just post the pictures below. And you can decide which was the best sweater outfit.



Enjoy pretties.



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